• Area Industrialna, Str. Promishlena, 6000 Stara Zagora, Bulgaria (BG)

Our mission

Jecos is consistently committed to improve, to develop and to diversify products and services. With the primary focus to meet customer needs, ensuring them Quality, Timely, Safety, Reliability of services and products.

Strong willing, professionalism and expertise are underpins the value we bring to our clients. We have unequalled skills in mechanical engineering but we also hold expertise in other specialist disciplines and working with others who have complementary skills, to deliver products, complete design and technical service.To provide a project consulting with professionalism, while helping them in project design with coordinated approach to the project management and project control in the respect of project time-frame and budget

The size of the company, provide maximum flexibility for the customer and with the direct involvement of our management in projects, this guarantees maximum reliability and commitment, with main objective to achieve projects goals and to prevent, reduce and mitigate potential problems impact on project milestones, deliveries and completion.

Jecos’s partner network, ensure to find expert resources for complex projects.

Our availability is on a relationship of sincere partnership and it is immediate!!